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ETG Alcohol Test Strip (25 pack)

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Get ETG Alcohol test strips, convenient to use, the ETG alcohol test strips enable users to perform alcohol testing with complete ease and without seeking assistance.[/box] Our ETG Alcohol Test Strip is a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol in human urine. This etg test kit provides a preliminary result only. Once you get the results- with nearly 99% accuracy – you can decide for medical consultation.

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ETG Alcohol Test Strips

When total abstinence from alcohol is required, ETG test strips provide qualitatively. Accurate alcohol testing results within five minutes. ETG tests screen for the ethyl glucuronide levels in human urine specimens, a biomarker for alcohol consumption that standard alcohol tests cannot detect.

ETG alcohol tests are ideal for zero tolerance treatment programs and abstinence enforcement. These tests are sensitive to very low levels of alcohol and can use to test for alcohol use with a detection timeframe as long as two to three days.

Customizable ETG screening levels allow operators to distinguish between moderate and heavy drinking patterns, depending on the needs. Graded for clinical settings but user-friendly enough for at-home use, 12 Panel Medical ETG test strip results are rapid and definitive.

Intended Use

The body breaks down alcohol through the process of glucuronidation. Approximately 0.5 to 2 percent of alcohol is eliminated through the urine following consumption. The remaining alcohol processed into ethyl glucuronide (ETG). Which is a direct metabolite of alcohol (ethanol).

ETG test strips are sensitive enough to detect the lowest levels of alcohol consumption. They intended for use in zero-tolerance programs and in situations involving abstinence enforcement. Because they can detect alcohol for as long as 80 hours after ingestion. Testing ETG levels intended for use in:

  • DUI or DWI programs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Military
  • Professional monitoring programs
  • Liver transplant patients
  • Court cases
  • Probation and parole


ETG alcohol tests should not use in workplace situations requiring testing for current impairment from alcohol use. Ethyl glucuronide levels are not present in human urine specimens until after the glucuronidation process, which breaks down the alcohol consumed and produces this specific metabolite.

Cutoff Concentrations

Cutoff concentrations for ETG levels vary depending on the level of alcohol consumption tested. SAMHSA suggests the following cutoff concentrations in accordance with alcohol consumption guidelines. Cutoff concentrations are express as nanograms per milliliter:

  • High positive ETG screening levels – greater than 1,000 ng/ml
  • Low positive ETG screening levels – between 500 to 999 ng/ml
  • Very low positive ETG screening levels – between 100 to 500 ng/ml


12 Panel Medical ETG test strip cutoff concentrations can customized and offer a qualitative result: a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, without recording the exact ETG level of the specimen donor. They can configured to avoid false-positives as a result of passive exposure or exposure to alcohol from other consumable items that contain very low levels of alcohol (i.e. mouthwash, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, foods prepared with alcohol).


A sample urine specimen just collected from the donor for testing. When the urine specimen is ready for testing, the operator will remove the ETG test strip from the protective packaging.

The testing strip may damage by extended exposure to light and air. Do not remove the strip until ready to perform the test to ensure the most reliable results. If the testing strip removed from packaging more than one hour prior to testing, the results should not interpret.

Do not touch the strip membrane. Bacteria from hands and surfaces may contaminate the testing strip and invalidate results.

Hold the ETG test strip where the product name is printed. Carefully place the testing strip membrane into the cup, in a vertical position. Do not immerse the strip past the MAX line on the testing strip.

Allow the strip to absorb as much of the sample as possible, immersing the membrane in the specimen for at least 10 to 15 seconds. You might notice color moving across the strip, but the results cannot read before five minutes. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

Interpreting Results

If the specimen contains more than the pre-determined ETG levels, the result is positive. This is indicated by one colored band in the control region and no colored band in the test region. Positive results should send to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation.

A negative result is indicated by one colored band in the control region, and one colored band in the test region. A negative result indicates that the specimen does not reach the ETG levels.

If no colored band appears in the control indicator of the ETG alcohol tests, the result is invalid. The test must perform again. If the problem persists, you may contact your local distributor.

ETG alcohol tests are particularly sensitive to false-positives as a result of passive exposure to products containing alcohol. For that reason, ETG tests should followed-up with an ETS test, which detects a second metabolite of ethanol. The detection of both biomarkers more accurately determines alcohol use.

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