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Suboxone Test Strips (Buprenorphine/BUP) – 25 Pack

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Suboxone Test Strips

In 2002, the FDA approved buprenorphine as a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opiate abuse. Suboxone Test Strips are the latest in the MAT systems using buprenorphine, and they has enormous potential in helping people reduce or quit physical and psychological dependence on highly addictive and dangerous opioid drugs like heroin and morphine.

Buprenorphine, the active compound in Suboxone strips, is an opioid partial antagonist that produces its own sedative and euphoric effects, as well as dangerous effects such as respiratory depression. Like other drugs in this category of pharmaceuticals, taking Suboxone Test Strips carries the potential for abuse. 12 Panel Medical Suboxone drug test urine strips have a 99% accuracy rating and are recommended for use in environments where using Suboxone Test Strips is most common, namely incarceration facilities and rehabilitation facilities.

Intended Use

The opioid crisis is one of the most important public health concerns in the US. MAT’s such as Suboxone were developed in response to the increasing rates of opioid abuse. Taking Suboxone is both effective and safe when taken as prescribed. As the first medication to treat opioid dependence. That can dispensed outside of highly structured clinical settings, it has increased access to treatment. With increased availability, users have found methods of abusing this legal prescription medication.

Suboxone is a partial opioid antagonist that produces euphoric effects, although to a far less degree than stronger opioids like heroin and morphine. Recreational use of Suboxone strips in individuals with low tolerance to opioids has a particular risk toward developing a physical and psychological dependence on the drug. Opioid users using Suboxone as treatment may develop a dependence on Suboxone.

The drug has also become prolific for abuse with incarcerated inmates. Because it is cheaper and more easily accessed than stronger opioids.

While Suboxone may integrated into 10 and 12 panel drug tests. It is not typically tested for on the standard SAMHSA-5 test. In panel tests that test for other opiates. Opioids, and not buprenorphine specifically, the drug will not detect. To test for Suboxone, a separate and specific drug test required. Immunoassay urinalysis test are one of the most commonly used in clinical settings, institutions, in the workplace. As well as in the home.

Cutoff Concentrations

Buprenorphine cannot be detected by morphine-specific opiate immunoassay screening tests. Specific tests for buprenorphine abuse must be employed to determine abuse of the drug according to cutoff concentrations that take into consideration the potential for therapeutic use.

12 Panel Medical Suboxone urine test strips are preset to a cutoff concentration of 10 ng/ml but are available in customizable configurations.


A sample urine specimen must be collected from the donor for testing. When the urine specimen is ready for testing, the operator will remove the Suboxone drug test strip from the protective packaging.

The testing strip may be damaged by extended exposure to light and air. Do not remove the strip until ready to perform the test to ensure the most reliable results. If the testing strip was removed from packaging more than 1 hour prior to testing, the results should not be interpreted.

Do not touch the strip membrane. Bacteria from hands and surfaces may contaminate the testing strip and invalidate results.

Hold the Suboxone drug test strip where the product name is printed. Carefully place the testing strip membrane into the cup, in a vertical position. Do not immerse the strip past the MAX line on the testing strip.

Allow the strip to absorb as much of the sample as possible, immersing the membrane in the specimen for at least 10 to 15 seconds. You might notice color moving across the strip, but the results cannot be read before five minutes. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

Interpreting Results

If the specimen contains more than the pre-determined cutoff levels, the result is positive. This is indicated by one colored band in the control region and no colored band in the test region. Positive results should be sent to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation.

A negative result is indicated by one colored band in the control region, and one colored band in the test region. A negative result indicates that the specimen does not reach the cutoff levels.

If no colored band appears in the control indicator of the test strip, the result is invalid. The test must be performed again. If the problem persists, you may contact your local distributor.

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