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Oral swabs ( 5 Pack) 10 panel



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  • Results in under 15 minutes
  • Able to Photocopy
  • Up to 10 Drugs
  • Eliminates Need for Restrooms
  • Difficult to Adulterate
  • Easily Transport to Labs

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Oral Swabs (5 Pack) 10 panel

Oral swabs (5 Pack) 10 panel drug tests identify ten legal and illegal drugs in human saliva with one testing swab. Rapid results in drug tests detect parent drugs. Their metabolites within a detection window of one to three days and in as little as 15 minutes.

Oral swabs (5 Pack) 10 panel. 12 Panel Medical oral swab drug tests are an invasive alternative to urine drug tests. It provides the same 99% accuracy rating. There is no need for private restrooms and the operator able to collect the sample. Also, Oral swab tests are multi-drug screen test.

Alternatives near impossible to adulterate purposes of obtaining a false-negative result. Easier to administer than blood or urine tests, cost-effective. There is no prior training required, oral swab tests can conduct on any site. It is less potential for infection than urine or blood.

Intended Use Oral Swabs (5 Pack)

Oral swabs collect human saliva for qualitative testing often illicit. Parent drugs and their metabolites. 12 Panel Medical oral swab drug tests are multi-drug screen tests that simultaneously and qualitatively detect:

Ten Panel Oral Swab Test intended for use in toxicology laboratories. Also, rehabilitation facilities, workplace testing programs, physicians offices. Also, as well as at-home monitoring or initial screening for substance abuse. Human saliva test specimens can be used to identify recent usage of the ten drugs listed. It is often undetectable in conventional urine testing. Saliva test samples can be used to detect the presence of drugs for 24 to 72 hours after use.

Cutoff Concentrations

Cutoff concentrations for oral swab drug tests. Adhere to the guidelines set by SAMHSA for determining drug abuse. These concentrations reflect levels of parent drugs. Also, their metabolites consistent with abuse and not therapeutic applications.

Cutoff concentrations are expressed in nanograms per milliliter (NG/ml) and are adjusted as follows THC 12 NG/ml Amphetamines 50 NG/ml MDMA /Ecstasy NA Cocaine 20 NG/ml Opiates 40 NG/ml Barbiturates 50 NG/ml Benzodiazepines 10 NG/ml Oxycodone 20 NG/ml PCP 10 NG/ml Buprenorphine 5 NG/ml Samples that test positive during an oral swab initial screening.

It should send to the laboratory for the next confirmation. Using a liquid chromatography/mass spectrometer/mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS) test.


Food, drink, gum, tobacco, and all other substances should avoid at least 10 minutes. Prior to conducting the oral swab test. Ensure the swab brought to room temperature use. Collection stick and test tube should be kept in their protective packaging. It until the operator is ready to perform the test. The sponge end of the collection stick uses to collect the human saliva from the inner cheesed.

Insert the sponge end into the mouth for 3 and 5 minutes. Ensure the swab soaked in saliva for accurate testing results. If the collected amount is not adequate for testing. Then collect additional saliva using a new collection stick. Holding the collection stick vertically, insert it into the test tube. Then placing the groove of the collection stick into the guide rail of the test tube for a proper seal. Close the test tube by pressing down the lid.

Interpreting Results

The specimen contains more than the predetermined cutoff levels. The result is positive for the corresponding drug of that test zone. This indicated by one colored band in the control region and one colored band in the appropriate test region. Positive results should send to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation.

A negative result indicated by a colored band in each control region. There is a colored band in the appropriate test region. A negative result indicates that the specimen does not reach the cutoff levels for the drug of that test zone.

If no colored band appears in the control indicator of the urine test, the result is invalid. The test must be performed again. If the problem persists, you may contact your local distributor.


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